Samedi, avril 12, 2014
It has come to a point where I have more TV obsessions than friends. Me (via maydayray)
Happy Birthday Jennifer Marie Morrison! (April 12, 1979)

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Graham Norton pranks Emma Stone (x)

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Mercredi, avril 9, 2014

Happy Birthday, Kristen!!

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Vendredi, mars 21, 2014

City of Angels: The Inevitable Consequences of Cory’s Death


The Quarterback gave us time to grieve together. We took the moment, took a break, and came back ready to face life again.

But grief isn’t over just like that. It continues, and pops in again when you least expect it. Death has consequences that, though they may be delayed, cannot be avoided. 

Those consequences came due in City of Angels. New New Directions was doomed from the moment Cory was gone.

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